• About Cresatech

Copper Theft and Substation Safety

Established in 2011, Cresatech now has two group companies covering Europe and North America, based in the UK and in Colorado respectively. The executive team have a wealth of experience in the power utility and IoT/communications technology sectors.

Power utilities, Telecoms, Rail, Industrial and the Mining sector are all markets in which Cresatech technologies have high potential to address electrical site safety issues, minimise production or service outages and reduce costs through provision of power metrics data as part of a wider IoT operational strategy.

The group is supported by a non-exec and advisory board that bring experience from across the energy and technology sectors, including government advisory and regulatory, as well as previous board roles in public energy companies.

CRESATECH solutions provide…

  • Operational and condition status monitoring for critical elements of power infrastructure through the use of innovative, cost effective technology
  • Drive enhanced safety, service continuity and operational cost reduction.
  • Can be delivered as infrastructure sensor nodes within IoT/cloud based monitoring services, managed locally as asset status tools, or embedded within OEM partner infrastructure products and systems.