• CuTS® Substation Monitoring

    CuTS® solutions provide notification of damage, disconnection or removal of site grounding infrastructure.

Monitoring of critical substation grounding connections enables the changes resulting from damage, theft and corrosion to be detected, helping reduce the resultant safety and service outage risks

Cresatech’s CuTS® solution monitors grounding connections and transformer neutrals on substations, providing notification of changes that indicate possible damage or disconnection, theft or corrosion. It is the first viable solution that enables the monitoring of this safety critical infrastructure for these potential events.

Implementation of CuTS® ground monitoring technology divides the substation site into a number of individual monitoring zones. This allows the detection of removal of grounding material from the monitored areas on site, providing location by zone.

Typical deployments are on open compound distribution sites. A fenced compound with switchgear, transformers and other plant,  with a control room/cabin housing all the control equipment.

CuTS® is permanently installed on site. Wires are connected between the CuTS® unit in the control room and each monitored zone on site.

What Benefits Does CuTS® Deliver To The Business?

Monitors grounding infrastructure above and below ground, providing unique data Enhances asset and site safety
Reduces outage time when site compromised
Accurate location based fault detection Reduces engineering fix time and costs
Permanently installed with very low asset and maintenance costs Low life time cost
Automated remote monitoring Cost reduction through reduced physical inspection
Designed for remote or city sites Minimizes costs and maximizes operational gain from common deployment
Flexible communications options Provides future proofing for changing technologies communications systems

We offer a completely managed service

Our managed service provides secure access to all of the functionality of the CuTS® devices over wireless networks.

Alerts can be managed quickly and effectively using our customised traffic light system.

Wireless Device Management
Management of the CuTS® units over any network via a secure IPSEC VPN.

Graphic User Interface
Map views and lists with easy to use tiles showing all alerts, enabling a rapid response to any situation. Accessed via secure IPSEC VPN.

Alert Management
CuTS® tamper, power, battery and communications alerts with context sensitive menus.

Asset Tracking
Database of every CuTS®  unit and module, with site ID if deployed.

Installation and Configuration
Support for installation engineers with access to configuration window for each device and best practice.

Maintenance Management
Maintenance status with alarm suppression.

Application Integration
Integration capabilities for data and management functions via REST APIs.

Choose our scalable CuTS® technology
for an infrastructure you can rely on.